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SPRING 2018 - Happy New Year! – possibly…

Well that’s another year gone – beats me why we celebrate the New Year like we do – the whole calendar thing has been messed about with more times than I’ve had cold meats and pickles.

Let’s not get into the theological by pointing out shepherds didn’t watch flocks in the middle of winter, nor were censuses ever conducted in December and look at the less controversial aspects. For example, the Julian Calendar was devised under the rule of Julius Caesar in 46 BC – 2 years before he ran into some daggers 23 times. Then, because it was discovered that the Julian calendar miscalculated the earth’s orbit by 11 minutes a year, the Easter celebration began an unconscious decoupling from the Spring Equinox which got wider as the years progressed.

This perturbed Pope Gregory - who clearly had more time on his hands than say your average peasant labouring in the fields - and so in 1582 he got his best tecchies together and had the calendar changed to include a leap year.

This was adopted by most Catholic countries but was viewed by the Protestant-dominated ones, including Britain, as a papist plot - so they resisted this move for ooh, about 150 years.

Eventually, even good old Britannia adopted the Gregorian Calendar – in 1752 they decided to rule, via a Parliamentary Act, that the day after September 2nd became the 14th!

Some people loved this idea. Benjamin Franklin for example, welcomed the change, writing: “It is pleasant for an old man to be able to go to bed on September 2, and not have to get up until September 14.”

I for one though, would have been immensely peed off. Given that my birthday is 7th September, had I been around, I would have missed out on cake and pressies as would have Queen Elizabeth I, Buddy Holly, Beyonce, Colin Firth and a host of others, legislated out of their right to party… I can’t imagine Richard the Lionheart taking it too well either!

Incidentally, we’ve now discovered even the Gregorian Wotsit is off by 26 seconds per year, meaning that by the year 4909, if we haven’t blown ourselves up, strangled the planet with plastic or boiled ourselves alive in the absence of an ozone layer, we’ll be a whole day ahead of the solar year – outrageous!

We’ve been very very busy here on Planet Marrs. Good stuff mostly, though it’s true to say some clients and friends (and both) have found it a tough one. Our thoughts are with those who are struggling – not wishing to sound in the least bit trite, but often once you’ve compared your life to those who have had a truly awful time of it, your own concerns pale into insignificance.

I’m still banging on about Cyber insurance – you should all know by now to lock your doors when you leave the house, have smoke detectors fitted on every floor, lag your pipes and inform people you are going on holiday on a strict need to know basis.

Cyber is a very real threat. Banks have upped their game and have firewalls and other protection you could never afford. Solicitors, Accountants, Brokers themselves and many other professions and industries harbour a wealth of data which, traditionally, is protected by very basic anti virus protection. Hackers are aiming at these institutions to hold their data to ransom, “phreak” their phone systems to incur huge bills calling premium numbers from which the hackers benefit, steal 1st or 3rd party data  or simply and maliciously bring their website and IT functionality to its knees, just because they can.

Study what you could lose in the event of such an attack. Talk to your IT guru. Discuss Insurance. Cyber crime is the STD of the technical world - get protected!