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WINTER 2014 - The Ghost of Christmas Past

Well, there it is gone for another year, not to mention another year; gone that is.

For the Coffers, it has been pretty poor as we all succumbed to the lurgy – the decline started with the migration of our customary (and, I have to say, much anticipated) open house, held every year for all and sundry in the neighbourhood to drop by, partake of some eats, sample the mulled wine or rather lethal fruit punch, and generally let their hair down. Sadly, last year’s hair-dropping led to the near loss of our ceiling when we discovered that some of our younger guests had decided to re-enact the battle of Iwo Jima in our rolltop bath, managing to move the thing off its feet and strain the mains pipe to almost snapping point.

Add red wine stains, traumatised cat and the last unwanted child found and ejected almost 3 days afterwards and it was at that moment I decided we would not be having open house at ours this year.

I volunteered our neighbours’ fine home – larger and more open plan, with the perfect circuitous route of hall/kitchen/lounge/hall kids love so much – it reminds one of the chariot race in Ben Hur – not that the children have ever watched it, not being violent enough for your average 10 year old.

Sadly, the neighbours’ house was vetoed by Management who elected for the local (and only) hostelry in the village, The Brookmans. They were willing to let us use their function room and supply a barman for the afternoon/evening and friends supplied a karaoke program where songs could be downloaded from the web and it all went really well.

Until….people started complaining the following day or two about the “Karaoke Cough” - next thing, we started going down one by one, with sore throats, coughs, colds, headaches, in some cases bronchitis – not good at all. Our littlest one shot a temperature of over 103 and was rambling about the spiky points on her teddy bear hurting her – clearly she’d been at the punch, but even so…

Now we’ve turned the corner and are on the mend, this coinciding with taking down the decorations and the fairy lights outside. The outside lights are another bone of many bones of contention that surface this time of year. Believe me, had Stalin wished to arrest the advance of the 6th Army in 1941, all he needed to do was drop several thousand of the incredibly annoying 5-pointed plastic stars that top the lights I am forced to hang around the front of our house with a sign in German saying “pick all these up before you proceed” and the Russians would have had enough time to hang out bunting in the Red Oktober factory, have place settings made in three languages and manufactured enough T34’s to sweep Operation Barbarossa into the Baltic…

One only has to look askance at one of these fiendish bits of clear plastic and they detach themselves from their mounting and hurl themselves into the nearest bush. Climbing a ladder to hang them is fraught with peril, as not only does one need to ensure no eye contact is made, but contact with any hard surface means instant self-ejection and interment, usually in the most inextricable of places, and woe betide me if less stars return than were present in the pre-Xmas build up!

Thankfully, on the insurance front, matters were reasonably quiet. A last minute Cover Note, a couple of minor changes but, sadly for one client, a large burglary on New Year’s Eve whilst the family was out. Typically, thieves used the celebrations as their cover and had time to go through each room at their leisure. No answer to this except to say it is vital to make your home less viable to enter than those of the neighbouring populace. Pre-timed lights switching on and off, recorded dogs barking or similar can be cheap but effective ways of putting off opportunist thieves. No home is burglar proof but don’t ever assume it can’t happen to you and if it does, no matter how good the insurance is, you cannot replace cherished items and the memories they hold - that is the real loss.

Remember, we offer a free health check should you wish to chat over your home defences and adequacy of the sums insured.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.

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