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SUMMER 2016 - Birthday Special

Don’t tell me it’s not Autumn – I’m looking outside my window and there are more leaves on the lawn than TV repeats of Only Fools and Horses.

As the chill winds of winter threaten, drizzle does what drizzle does and steel grey clouds loom, I celebrate my birthday today with an insurance roadshow in St Albans, pixelling this latest CC prior to setting off. Life in the fast lane or what?

I’m not owning up to the year of my birth but let me just provide a clue and say that in those less complicated times, the average house price tipped £2,000, new cars £700, bread was sixpence a loaf, James Dean had a meeting with a man called Donald Turnupseed with fatal results and life assurance premiums for Ruth Ellis suddenly rocketed…

Ok, I’m not in the first flush of youth but I reckon we OSMA’s (Other Side of Middle Age) still have loads to offer – for example:

 We can spell

 We have common sense

 We know what words like “apprise” and “irony” means and when to use them and that “noisome” means smelly not noisy – (you didn’t? Shame on you!)

 We remember to retrieve things we might need later

 We often use our indicators when driving

 We are able to exist for at least half an hour without having to look at a screen

 We can add up and calculate change from a purchase without having to employ a calculator

 We know how to play games with pen and paper

 We can play cards

 We can tie our shoes so they stay tied

 We know how to row a boat

 We know there is an original version of of 76% of the songs played today  

 We love to laugh

Now I realise that 84% of all statistics are made up and that many will cite one or all of the above as inaccurate, offensive or inflammatory, or all 3.

However, I don’t care as a) it’s my Birthday, b) it’s my blog and c) I’m an OSMA and so am entitled to state an opinion and call it fact and not give a dingo’s left kidney about its veracity. That, dear reader, (or readers), is the beauty of reaching un certain âge!

My better half will tell me that I was ever thus and gave not a hoot what others thought at any time in my life and there is a modicum of truth in that. My dear old Mum never worried what other people thought and I’m sure I inherited her viewpoint. If you spend time worrying about everything people think of you, you’d never get out of bed in the morning so you let your actions define you and just get on with it.

Anyway – to St Albans I must go, so I leave you with my best regards. Insurance news thin I admit and I risk admonishment from SWMBO/Better Half/Editor for the lack of such content. However, I’m gambling on the fact it’s the day of my birth so I’ll be forgiven. Besides, she has more than enough work to do when she gets back from the Jellytot Run to worry about CC or MC.

Post seminar follow up is a possibility…