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Today, and not before time I am told, I will eschew the usual circumbendibus dalliance with historical facts, political pronouncements and prolix protestations and concentrate on the wonderful world of insurance.

Did you know that most accidents happen in the home? You did? Well, I bet you didn’t know that whilst here in the UK most accidents happen in the kitchen, the place of maximum pain occurs in the bathroom in the good ol’ USA.

Now, a more politically correct person would not necessarily hazard as to why this is, but as I can rely on the known and well published fact that the USA is the 18th highest-ranking Country in the world for obesity whereas the UK is 43rd, added to which the body-augmenting surgery so loved of Americans can only increase the accident rate, it is clear to me what misfortunes may befall persons of a more generous physique when showering or bathing.

Just getting in or out of the bath might be fraught with danger – slipping on soap in the shower or reaching for the loo paper which hangs tantalisingly out of reach (thereby slipping from the podium and embedding one’s face in the tiled floor) could easily contribute to such incidents. I’ve had claims of exploding shower doors with glass shards embedded in the surrounding cupboards just to add to the risks posed whenever you fancy cleaning your important little places.

Over here, we prefer to slice fingers, spill hot things over ourselves, slip on liquids left lying on the floor, walk on glass (why?) and hop around in agony having put chilli in our eye.

Years ago Zurich Insurance published a list of claims they’d received following accidents in the home. I cannot locate this anywhere but I do remember a relatively hefty percentage involved accidents when attempting to put on or take off an article of clothing and a good few involving vegetables. Lord knows how greengrocers survive!

Ironically, if you do this abroad you’ll generally have more insurance protection than when at home, so, if you have no Personal Accident insurance – be careful!