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SUMMER 2016 - Summer of hate and detestation

I’ve just had added a whole lexicon of words I am not allowed to mention in CC, in addition to the usual ones like Nelson, f*rt, Trafalgar, Napoleon, car parkers in Brookmans Park, any reference to military history, the Mother in Law, Eastenders and Candy Crush.

These are:

I’ve therefore scoured the news for anything else worthy of remark and have managed to find the following item which seems to omit all the verboten words:

Man Fights To Keep Pizza-Eating Pet Alligator

Happy this was a winner, I read on.

This it seems, relates to a Floridian firefighter called Dave Van Buren who has kept a pizza-eating alligator since it was a wee nipper – he named it Gwendolyne. How sweet.

Then I discovered the 13 foot reptile is actually a male ‘gator and so we’re back to moron and vetoed. Oh well.

The Correxit (my term for that which cannot be named) has certainly put the chat amongst the tauben and got everyone at each other’s throats. Over what I’m not really sure. Apart from the fact I pointed out had we been living in Mexico and these shenanigans been going on there, at least half the politicians would have been lined up against a wall with a blindfold on, smoking their last e-cigarette, not bewailing the loss of their £250,000 expense accounts and wondering how they can emulate that over here.

Anyhoo, enough of the charade – this is a different mess to the mess that we had before but it’s still a mess. All we’ve hopefully done is made it possible to clear up the mess a bit better than before – we’ll see, but I wouldn’t put money on things changing radically any time soon.  

Now the real reason I’m populating my blank Word document is to complain about Insurance Companies – not something I like doing as you well know, but needs must.

We have one Healthcare provider that publishes their customer service number on their headed paper. When I called this number back in February, a voice invited me to select an option. I did so and it promptly invited me to select another one, which, now keen to see where this would lead, I did, only to be informed by the disembodied voice that this option was ‘no longer available’ and I should contact my BDM (or Business Development Manager) who of course I could have rung in the first place if I fancied bothering him, rather than wasting 10 minutes of my life chasing shadows.

This situation has never been resolved as far as I’m aware, despite numerous attempts on my part to have the Company address the issue.

Now, on to an even bigger and more well-known insurer whose name I cannot possibly divulge but it rhymes with a representative of a semi-aquatic rodent known for building dams.

This bastion of British commerce provided cover for one of Marrs’ clients who decided to emigrate to warmer climes and paid a not inconsiderable sum to cover their worldly goods when shipped to the Mediterranean island that was to be their new home.

The goods arrived but in a greater number of pieces than whence they left Blighty. A claim was needed to be made. I looked around for claims contact details on the policy, nada! Went to the website – several named personnel and ‘phone numbers – tried them all and all it seems, were on voicemail.

A generic number! I called it and was promptly invited to enter my pincode. What? I don’t have one! Was I missing something? Had the FCA (check not on veto list – am ok) pulled the plug?

In despair I used the e-mail address on the website and sent a missive to the Claims team telling them how thoroughly unhelpful their website information had been and, you guessed it – the e-mail was rejected as the address was invalid!

I pointed this out in words of very few syllables to the Insurer’s BDM and, like all good ones, he whipped up a veritable storm of attention which continued long into the evening with at least 3 of the Claims team jockeying for position in their race to address my problem.

I since concluded that I could make a small fortune simply by scouring Insurance Company websites and flagging incorrect or misleading information to them in return for a fee.

But then I realised, if they don’t care enough to have someone do this already, they’d rather save the money and leave people frustrated, angry and confused.

Perhaps Mexico’s not so bad after all…