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Where on earth did that year go? Along with such truisms as ‘You double your staff you treble your problems’, ‘84% of all statistics are made up’ and ‘Fine words butter no parsnips’ the one which most resonates with me is ‘Once you have kids your life accelerates five-fold’ – well ok, I made that one up, but it’s no less true wouldn’t you say? One minute I was swinging precariously from a ladder taking down those REALLY annoying star lights from over the door arch (followed by 20 minutes of locating the lemming lights, that had hurled themselves into bushes at the merest glance, then a further 15 minutes carefully winding 50 feet of electrical flex so it would fit back in the box the fiendish Chinese had made only big enough to contain the contents once –after which you need 2 boxes to put them back) and behold! Christmas is uponeth uth wonth more!  (that reminds me, why has ‘lisp’ got an ‘s’ in it?)

Now the editorial Gestapo may well truncate, bowdlerise and ameliorate the aforementioned tract but I’m trying this year to avoid it by making the syntax so inextricably intertwined (rather like the Xmas lighting electrical flex) that she will be unable to do so, and therefore leave it untrammelled as the literary dog’s dinner known as draft numero uno.

Planet Marrs has been a very industrious place this year and we have been heavily involved in placing business in the US for UK clients starting subsidiaries over there. Now, don’t get me wrong, we love the colonials and the quaint way they pronounce ‘aluminium’ and ‘Leicestershire’ and all that – but as Oscar Wilde wrote in 1887 “We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language” and not a truer word was spoken.

If we try to arrange liability cover under a UK policy for a US Company – it all goes horribly wrong as the US like their system called the ACORD – this allows a named entity – unrelated to the Insured other than by commercial interests, to be named on the policyholders’ insurance as if they were the policyholder, Thus (and bear with me on this) they have the same rights conferred as if they were the company paying the premium and in the event of a claim, would be treated as such.

Here in the UK we set our sights rather lower and instead use what we call the Indemnity to Principals clause which more or less does the same job, without us having to name the world and his dog on Certificates and fire them off to all and sundry.

What is awkward is that despite the commonality of language, US contract lawyers tend to think, rather like that joke about the born-again Christians and the wall in Heaven, theirs is the only system that exists, so explanations as to why we don’t add the entire North American continent to one of our Film Production Company’s policies often produce lively discussions followed by much wailing and gnashing of expensively arranged teeth and one or other side capitulating and often asking us to arrange a suitably USA’d policy to free the impasse.

Still, we have much to be grateful for. We continue to be extensively recommended and I never cease to wonder at the sort of enquiries we get: Defective Title Indemnity, Cyber Liability, manufacturing of medical equipment in Canada, Media Cover in Sweden, Street Party Indemnity, Group Private Medical, Global Directors & Officers indemnity – it’s never dull…

I wish both of my readers and their families a wonderful, claim-free Christmas and a very happy New Year. Let’s catch up in the year 2017!