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WINTER 2020 - An annus horribilis

Can anyone remember something good happening this year?

It’s been almost biblical hasn’t it? A pandemic, record borrowing, stock market crashes, wildfires in the USA and Australia, global recessions/depressions, businesses folding, shops closing, Meghan and Harry leaving the UK – oh wait – so something good DID happen!

These are black swan events that every human being has to endure and strive to overcome some time in their life.

My Mother used to always say; ‘Things never stay bad and they never stay good’ - Kipling put it more eloquently: ‘If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same’.

It’s all true, but doesn’t help you at the time you’re watching your house in Carmel burn to ashes or your 5-year-old telling you the last friend whose face they licked has Covid.

Are we more resilient as a race than our forefathers? I just finished a book about the siege of Kut in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) in 1916 which, due to misplaced hubris, ineptitude, woeful administration and sheer bad luck saw thousands of men taken into captivity, marched hundreds of miles across the desert, had all their possessions stolen and were forced to buy their own food and water (if they could). Most of these men failed to return, including my Great Uncle George who was only 24 and died of ill treatment, starvation and disease a mere 2 weeks before Turkey capitulated.    

It is thought 60% of Londoners died in the Great Plague of 1348/1349 and yet those who survived recovered and eventually thrived.

What comes across very clearly is that there will be winners and losers, victims and survivors, those strengthened by the experience and those who succumb.

To quote the great orator, Winston Churchill: “When you’re going through hell, keep going!”

On the small matter of insurance – I leave you with one final quote which is from an old friend of mine who, years ago, uttered these wise words: ‘When your dog has died, your car has been stolen, and your wife has run off with the milkman – it doesn’t stop your house from burning down’ (so pay your premiums).

You know the drill: Keep safe, avoid licky kids, lag your pipes, don’t transfer money out of your bank account without checking on the ‘phone first, then checking again. Stay healthy and let’s all hope we get things back to normal before Easter!


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